Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tales of Goo

A while ago we had an idea that we should keep the boys topped up with minerals and other vital things.  Following research we opted for what has become known as the goo bucket.

The Boys love it, this is probably because it is made mostly of molasses and they seem to have developed a bit of a sweet tooth.

Bev banished the goo bucket to the human side of the shed recently but the boys were very disappointed.  Hamish in particular felt aggrieved but they would all sneak in for a sly lick when ever the opportunity arose. 

As it was my birthday I decided that if I could have cake - the boys could at least have a bit of goo.

As the goo has been licked quite a bit you have to get your whole head in.

And then you have to suck - and lick and make a disgusting noise  until you have to come up for air..

 sporting a goo moustachioed..  and rinse !

Let Noah have a go ..

Then teach the little ones some bad habits !


  1. I notice that Bev is no where to be seen in the photos...boys!

  2. Great photos Andrew. We tried a mineral lick for our boys some time ago but they did not take to it at all. Maybe it was the wrong sort - what goo are you using? Shirley & Robbie

  3. Those chaps certainly love their "sweeties"! We use mineral blocks which seem to be enjoyed and definitely far less messy....can't see our girls getting their heads stuck in to a bucket of goo!!

  4. My alpacas also love the molasses mineral lick .... I think they get addicted to the taste, it takes a while but once they get the taste for it .... there's usually a squabble who is first .... Jayne