Saturday, 20 April 2013

Uncle Kenzie

I have said it before this year but I am now saying it out loud.  Spring has sprung.  I spent most of the day in the paddock today, sitting here tonight, I am feeling a little sun burned.  Hard to think that this time last week we still had the last of the drifts.

Every picture tells a story
This story is that one of the boys could not wait for the old poo pile to be uncovered.  Weird animals !

News of the new arrivals has spread.  The sunny day brought many visitors but strangely the behaviour of greeting guests who come to the gate has been abandoned.  The little boys are not accustomed to this but the big boys have lost all interest too - I think they are keeping clear to protect the new guys.   Of course there are some visitors with special privileges.

First visitor : Don't Ask !

 It's alright - It's only Edward and Katie

Today was supposed to be about catching up with jobs, but this was just an excuse to spend the day observing the herd dynamics.  These have changed, and continue to change, since Hamish and Dougal arrived.  

The biggest difference is with Kenzie.  Now firmly in the role of 'uncle' Kenzie.  If Dougal isn't with his mate Hamish he is to be found with Kenzie.

 Lock Step Grazing

 Safe Vantage

Night Night


  1. Glad the new boys are settling in OK and that Spring has sprung with you! Shirley & Robbie

  2. Glad you enjoyed the sun, but sorry you got burnt! The boys look like they are settling in well. Good on you Uncle Kenzie! :) Lisa

  3. What a lovely couple of blogs to which I'm afraid that the first thing that came to mind was "Ahhhhhhh!" I seem to say that rather a lot these days! Great to see all is going well with your handsome, and extremely, cute new little chaps!