Saturday, 23 March 2013

Drifting Along

Did I say that we could be forgiven for thinking spring had sprung ?  How silly was I ? We were ready to take delivery of the new boys last week-end.  For one reason or another we put this off and boy are we glad we did.  Winter has returned here in North Yorkshire and I think it has kept a particular sting in its take especially for us. 

We are prone to get hit by an east wind and that is exactly what we have had over the past few days.  In-fact we have been having an easterly gale and it has been snowing.

As far as the boys are concerned Snow is OK as long as it goes by lunch time and you can get out and eat a bit of grass.  The boys have an eye for natural beauty and some times snow makes wonderful natural sculpture.

Fin says anything more than that and its a bit of a drag.  Noah has only got little legs so anything more than a few inches is a problem. Kenzie keeps his views to himself but you can tell he prefers the warm and dry.   Alas we have had a bit more than the acceptable level over the past 48 hours. 

With the wind in the east we deployed the  drift deflector. 

Which despite what it looks like above has worked a treat. The pile you see here is the accumulation from where there is a gap in the green stuff. I took this photo this morning, since then its a snow wall up to the gate top.  The drifts are more than 6 feet on the other side of the deflector as below (the wall is 8' at this point). 

The boys are a bit out of sorts.  They are a bit worried and there has been quite a bit of looking out in disbelief. 

this means that they stick together to reassure one another. 

I am a little concerned about them, especially Noah, but really they are fine and their skin is warm under the full fleece even if they have ice and snow on the outside.  We are taking water down and feeding more often than usual to make sure that they have enough energy in them.

We have shut them into the shed tonight.  We found Noah on guard duty today and it is at least 5deg warmer in than out so we have taken that choice away for now.

There is no sign of the boys venturing any further than the yard.  But if they did there is a dilemma.

Would they just walk out of the field ?  They could ..  Well if they weren't scared of sinking up to their oxters in a drift they could !


  1. Oh my!! The snow looks pretty (even though it is in HUGE amounts!) - but I hope that it and the gales stop soon for you and the boys! :) Lisa

  2. Your pictures really tell the story of your current weather - which we've somehow managed to avoid. Yep, the boys do get 'out of sorts' when there is a lot of snow about. Hope it all melts soon and you can get back to normal. Stay warm! Shirley & Robbie

  3. Wow! A memory of what we used to face before moving over here! The boys are looking great but lets hope that white stuff soon disappears as it's very boring for them with little to occupy themselves...maybe pop them over a game of Monopoly?!!