Sunday, 17 February 2013


One could be forgiven for thinking that spring had sprung over the weekend.  The boys certainly thought so.  Saturday was spent pressure washing the shed.  The paddock has firmed up in most places, there may even be a few green shoots. Time for us to spend some quality time down the field.

The boys are nosey and are always spying on the sheep next door to see what is going on.  I have often wondered what the sheeps eye view of this would be like.  Well after playing hide and seek with the boys - Now I know.

Fin takes the direct appoch

Kenzie goes for an 'up periscope' technique

 Noah needs a little practice !

After all that excitement, it was time for a sit down and a chew of the cud.

My family (and other animals)

I took the opportunity to nip up the Pennine way.  Looking back I snapped this photo.  There is a prize to the first person who can spot the boys.  They are there clear as a day if you look in the right place (and zoom in a bit !).

Spot the Alpaca

I mentioned that Kenzie has a sore eye in the last blog.  He still has it and we are progressing with the plan.  One idea is that he may be a bit short of Zinc.  Digging in the shed I came across the goo bucket. This is a bucket of goo impregnated with minerals and I thought it would do no harm to give it a go again.  Last time we abandoned it because it (a) gooed up the place and (b) made us laugh at Noah because it made him look like was wearing lippy.  It still does a good job at both (a) & (b) but we are going to persevere with it this time.

 Noah and Fin sporting 'Goo Lippy' for London fashion week

Dave the fence was called.  The Paddock will be divided by this time next week.  Harder to top but will allow us to manage the boys weight better and improve the pasture without moving them off our land.

Is it too early to call it spring?  Yes it is.  But its great to get out without it being completely grim.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Eye Eye

I have noticed Kenzie  rubbing his eyes against , well against anything handy really.  Gates , Posts etc.  On inspection, the corner of his eyes are a bit sore.  Its nothing really dramatic but its something.

We have been putting cream on.  He knows it will do him good and stands for us - well more or less. This seems to calm it down for a while but I would like to get to the bottom of this in case it gets worse.  Its only Kenzie - Noah has matter in the corner of his eye sometimes - but he always has had this and it never bothers him.

Could it be the dredded Mite ? We haven't front-lined for a while since the weather has been so cold and dismal.  Their feet have not been dry enough.  There isn't really much sign of any other mite related symptoms (ankle scratching / nibbling).  Next scheduled cydectin injection (he is allergic to dectomax) is early March.  We may bring this forward.

Could it be a mineral deficiency ?  The grass is at its worst and we have been cutting down on hard food as part of operation slim-fast. My research says that all the rain will have washed away any minerals that do exist. I know that there isn't minerals per say in vitamin gel but they have had their fair share of this over the winter (25ml / month).  Bev has been reading up on high Zinc related fodder supplements etc.  But I have heard talk of Selenium, Copper and all sorts of stuff.  Should we be getting a blood test and adjusting to suit ?  Should we be using a mineral drench ? More research required.

Could it be hay bag related ?  We use bags with a big hole in the front.  Its not as big as an Alpaca head and as they have been muching a lot of hey while the snow has been falling , and the boys have been digging deep , maybe he has rubbed him self raw ?

So a plan of action needs to be put into err, action.  What I am thinking of is ..

1) Cydectin and Front Line
2) Continue with topical application of cream (alternate days Salvon and Aloe)
3) Move back to twice daily Camelibra
4) Assess again in a week.
5) Blood test and Mineral by injection if needed ?

Does anyone have any similar experience ? Any advise or suggestions ?

Dougal is due to be weaned today - count down to new boys is about to start.