Saturday, 26 January 2013

Breaking Wind

No - Not a blog about the Alpaca's contribution to green house gases.  Though this is a topic that could easily fill a blog all of its own.

Back when the world was green ..

 Something to investigate boys - What can it be for ?
It doesn't smell says Fin

  "Am I in jail ?" -  Says Noah

"I am going to figure it out in a dignified way" - Says Kenzie

Remember when it snowed from the east last year Fin? 
Whoever was on guard duty got a snowy head !

The shed is well positioned, tucked beneath a high solid wall and with it's back to the prevailing winds from the West.  Well, that may be where the prevailing winds come from, but not the worst winds.  We look down a side shoot of the Aire valley.  The valley acts as a funnel if weather comes in from the East. What this means is that there is the odd occasion that the East wind can blow through the shed door. The solution was to dig into the garage for another set of 'found items'.  As you can see - it works a treat holding back the drifts. 


  1. I needed a big one of those, do you have one a couple of miles long?!

  2. And you won't see the green stuff if they spit!!! Shirley & Robbie

  3. Great idea and making good use of some garage findings....looks like its doing an excellent job, hopefully not much more snow now...roll on Spring time ....Jayne