Monday, 10 December 2012

Falling in Love Again..

Andy and I initially just asked for two brown boys, preferrably friendly, to complete our little herd.  We didn't know how lucky we were with our new Beck Brow boys until we went up to see Hamish and Dougal at their current home in Cumbria last Saturday.

Well to be fair Dougal was already adored from afar because first of all he is the brother of our lovely Noah, and secondly he was the galant and caring boy who looked after a poorly Sox in Barbara's blog of a few months ago.  Who could not love this boy.. The full story on Barbara's blog

Dougal (aka Domingo) with Sox who was suffering with colic.
Dougal is the younger of the two boys, and is still in with his very protective mum, so we didn't get very close, but managed to get a couple of photos.
Dougal and Bonita
Dougal has his serious teddy bear face on
Hamish was in the weanlings group, who all came bounding up when we entered their paddock, still missing Mums a bit we thought.  Hamish was friendly and fairly confident and gave me two kisses (which really only means he allowed me to touch his nose with my nose, thereby giving him the chance to sniff me out..)
Hamish was a little more cautious with Andy.  We couldn't be sure if his
cute black feet were permanent, or just thanks to the muddy conditions.
We thought both boys were adorable, gentle and bright, and we can't wait to get them home.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The end of the world is nigh !

You may know that the Mayans were the first to map time.  And that their calender is due to run out in a few days.  And of course the Mayans are a bit like the Incas who are not too far off the good folk of South America who had the wisdom to invent the Alpaca.  I came across this on the Internet and thought I would share.

 (c) acknowledged if I could actual trace who the originator was !