Sunday, 25 November 2012

A bit dense

In my youth. Not so long ago. It was common, and almost polite, if someone was perhaps not the sharpest person around, to refer to them as 'a bit dense'.  "He's a bit dense, that one" would be muttered while watching some youth attempt to woo his love at the local disco by setting the curtains on fire. Believe me, this was not an atypical Friday night in the further reaches of back-of-beyond where I grew up.

However, in my middle age, and in Alpaca circles, being a bit dense is an accolade and the cause of some celebration.  Indeed, if you are an Alpaca, your station in life and your very future may ride on your density.  For those followers of the blog who are not Alpaca addicts (I know of one or two) density in an Alpaca relates to how many fibres grow per square mm of Alpaca skin.  The more the better, as it means you get more fibre per animal and therefore make more money. In our case, this theoretically could translate to loosing money a little less quickly .

But money isn't everything and being dense has other advantages and disadvantages. 

Advantage.  The chances of getting to use your wedding tackle is higher if you are dense.  This didn't work out for our boys.  But news on this front is encouraging.  Not pretty, but better than it was.  

Advantage. When it finally stops raining for more than an hour, and you get a nice clear frosty night. If you have a nice dense fleece,  You can choose to sleep out on Bev's archery pitch and leave a warm patch on the grass in the morning.

Disadvantage.  The problem of being dense and 'well covered'  Is that it can effect your vision. Here you can see the problem, even if the problem cant see you !

 Poor Kenzie. He has to lift his head and peer out under the fleece that covers his eyes.

The only solution is a bit of a trim.  Its not easy. His fibre is so fine and dense that it clogs scissors and it takes a bit of effort. But the effort is worth it.

Here is an 'after' shot.  Its not pretty, but its effective.  I have a theory that Kenzie's somewhat anxious outlook on life may not be totally unrelated to his restricted vision and I am sure that he appreciates his thinning out.

While snapping Kenzie's new cut I caught this moment.  I am not sure what was going on.  I think Noah has something interesting stuck to his back.  A bit of dead buttercup ?  I small bit of poo ?  Or maybe Fin was just spreading the love?  Either way the boys are happy, apart from the soggy field that it !



  1. A lot of well considered issues there, Andy and lovely photos. All herds should have at least one 'character' - dense or otherwise! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  2. I thought that it was the alpacas that ruminate?! The boys are looking great...Fin is such a gorgeous fawn and I'm sure that it's love not poo!