Sunday, 8 January 2012

Here Comes the Sun !

Crazy?, delusional? no just optimistic.  There were 2 hours of sunshine on Monday morning, no really, I've got the photos to prove it.  I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy it with the boys in their field, and the days are slowly getting longer.  So I choose to focus on that and ignore the gales, the persistent driving rain, the sodden boggy ground, and the mud splattered fleece on the poor alpacas.

What's that you've spotted boys, it's sunshine, yeah bliss

The sun is out, the sky is blue, we are so happy
 that a dance of mutual ankle biting is called for 

Who's that you've spotted?

It's Murphy and his mate across the road.

Hello old Pals, long time no see.

 I wish I'd taken a proper camera, this is from my mobile.  Not big, not mighty
but when the sun comes out we all think it's beautiful


  1. Lovely to see your boys plus a bit of Yorkshire landscape...or is it, must be Yorkshire! We can all look forward to Spring..that sunshine tells us it's coming, just not exactly when!!

  2. You first 'alpaca winter' must have been the wettest, windiest, muddiest least things can only get better...keep smiling :)

  3. Its great to see the winter's sun......Spring is on her way...then it will be full steam ahead...into Summer....Yipeeeee ..we are all feeling the winter blues....great photos..of the boys !....Jayne