Friday, 1 July 2011

Its Summer time ... and the living is easy

Today was one of those days where the poo got picked with ease, the feeding did not result in anyone  having 'spitty' mouth. No one needed anything done to them other than a quick tickle behind the ear.  The goo bucket has even dried to a soft toffee so I put it out again (Vet reports Kenzie is boardline low on Selenium). 

Bev was away so it was just us boys. The day ended with me enjoying a beer and the lads joined me with an outside hay net. Why is it that hay outside is a big treat and is chomped with a glee seldom seen when the exact same hay bag is hung inside the shed ?

Everyone was in high spirits.  Kenzie seems to have turned a bit of a corner and has begun to get his old self back again.  He is more confident with humans and is damnright forward with Fin.

Meanwhile, in a field near you, next winters hay is being perpared.

Tomorrow is another day.  Strimming, fence wire ordering, poo pile moving operations.  But I am sure to have some happy helpers if the sun is shining.


  1. Summer time...and is the living easy...sounds like plenty jobs...on the 'to do list'...glad to hear Kenzie is on the mend.....Jayne

  2. Is that Noah without his lippy?...lovely photo with the haymaking in the's good to watch others at work whilst you have a beer!

    Very glad to hear Kenzie is getting back to his old self. Enjoy the weekend all.

  3. It's a boy's life for sure! They are all looking great and pleased Kenzie is getting there. enjoy the sun. Shirley & Robbie

  4. It is surprising just how much time we can spend on "alpaca duties" isn't it? Doesn't seem to matter whether there are 3 or 30+, someone always needs cream somewhere, poo is always landing and, even in drought, those weeds keep growing! Bizzare how we love alpaca life so much?!