Saturday, 9 April 2011

Stop Mucking About...

Spring fever seems to be effecting everyone at the moment, great photos on all the alpaca blogs.  Here's a few of our boys in the evening sunshine..

What you doing there boss, can we help?

Lets help by chewing his back pocket off
Oops, look out guys, caught in the act

Dilema, follow the poo or pose for more photos?

Kenz and Fin, love you

Love Noah too

Love Andy lots

You looking at me?

Nah, just more kisses

Come on Noh

Have a paca cuddle
Everyone loves Noh

One for Amanda, kisses to you too


  1. Ahh what lovely photos...missing you all xxx

  2. Lovely photos of your boys...they look like the're settling in well..!!.....Jayne

  3. Thank you for those lovely kisses Noah, you are looking super cute and so happy. Missing you all. Thanks Bev.

  4. Really lovely set of photos.

  5. Those photo's make them look irresistable.