Thursday, 14 April 2011

Philosophy (of the Poo Pile)

I was going to write a long 'think piece' tonight.  It was going to reflect on why Kenzie is actually a lot more approachable when 'locked in' by the new shelter gate than he has been previously.  I was going to take a photo of him behind his bars and I was going to tell you all about the friend I had in college who was into philosophy and who told me about the man who fitted bars on to the inside of his home, declaring that he was the only sane person in the world and the rest of us were in an asylum.

But then something else came up.  The poo pile has been well established on the archery pitch.  Despite regular and scrupulous poo picking the boys have burned a hole through the grass.  So today we decided to move them away from the worst of it and see if we could get the grass to re-grow. 

Bev carefully constructed a cordon around the offending patch.

Hey !  What ARE you doing to OUR Poo Pile !

 Andy ! Andy !  Tell her will you ?  It just ISNT right !

Time passed, we left the boys to get used to the idea, ate tea and looked out upon this ...

Hey Fin hurry up in there ! Its my turn next says Noah

So what started as a day of high philosophical reflection, ended up with toilet humour.  But there is someone on the wrong side of the bars !

Did someone mention it was good to see a bit of Yorkshire ?  Thought I would add this.  We are very lucky to live here and have such fun with the boys.

Eeee By Gum Lad -Its like Cumbria but with Flat Caps and Jobs


  1. Just typical..!! isnt it !...what is it with the animals...or is it the humans that have the problems !! On a more serious note !!
    I once had a really nasty accident with electric fencing and one of my boys...he got it wrapped round his neck and nearly strangled himself....luckily I was there and managed to free him...after that I vowed never to use it round them again....just thought I'd share that story with you....I'd hate for it to happen to someone else...hindsight is a wonderful thing !!....Jayne

  2. Great story & lovely photos. 'Burnt' grass around the poo-pile(s)is very evident too with our boys. It's their 'wee' that does it! When we last moved them to new paddocks we put some divots ('turf' for those in the South!)onto the worst burnt areas to see if it will recover.

  3. You could try moving a pile of poo to another spot as then they think they've used the area. Throw some compost or soil over the burnt area so that they cant smell the poo and cut around the lush growth and then...ask them nicely to move to the chosen spot! You will get burnt areas but they do recover as the poo area shifts up and down the field!

    Thank you for the lovely Yorkshire photos, it's beautiful here but it's not the same as the ruggedness of the moors!

  4. To inFINity and beyond...nothing stops that boy. Tee Hee:)

  5. Thanks all for the words of poo wisdom. Will let you know our eventual solution.

  6. An amusing tale Andy, but I would agree with Jaynes caution - one of ours got a looped piece of bale twine over her head once - they're inquisitiveness and tendancy to 'fiddle' can get them into trouble.