Thursday, 7 April 2011

List o' Jobs & When will the tooth fairy call ?

Once upon a time there was a couple who travelled the world capturing culture, cuisine, art and history.  A fine Cretian villa, with real roman courtyard ? - Yes, why not !  A stay in the most expensive shed in the world atop a cliff in the BVI ? - Of course ! Sail an Ocean ? - Splice me a main brace ! Drive a bus down the Rockies ? - Fill up the tank !  Mardi-Gras in the Big Easy ? We will join you crewe !

Fast forward to 2011.  A week off is booked and what are the plans ?

Gate Post Drilling ? - Load up the SDS ! Gate Fitting ? Pass the catch bolt ! Water trough plumbing ?, Better buy some grommets ! Buttercup Control ? Source me a nap-sack-sprayer ! Post and Rail ? ... you get the picture.

So why are we doing this ?

That's Why !

The lambs have arrived and the boys are fascinated.

 The gate to the next field is back to the favorite

 and anyway the gate area is just the place to be to catch the final rays of warm spring sunshine.

Fin asleep on his feet after a long day of lamb observation.

Now to the husbandry question of the day.  When does the Alpaca tooth fairy visit ?  Can Kenzie be teething ? (9 Months old)  Is that why he has taken to chewing the metal fence ? Will we find a tooth somewhere in the Paddock ? Does he need a beet or something to chew on ?

(tanks full to the brim by the way !)

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  1. He could be teething !! However...sometimes my boys suck the fence...Ive decided its deficiency in iron...and I supplied a little rockie salt lick..that they seems to have stopped it....might be a coincidence....or it might be related...just a thought !..All my alpacas have access to a salt/mineral lick...and contary to popular belief...they love it !!............Jayne