Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Gates! Cross it off the job list

This week Andy and I are both off work, which gives us time to tackle a few jobs on the jobs list.  On Monday we had five huge gates, and four enormous gateposts delivered, so the first job was to fit them.  As usual the boys were keen to help..

The gang reporting for duty

Where are my goggles boss?

I'll just hold this in place for you

Is it straight boss?

I'm liking it

Looking good, front gates swung back in regular operating mode

Are we done boss, when do we start the landscaping?

The gang is not phased by anything new, when it's time to settle down on the lovely concrete in the lovely shade of the shelter this is still their favourite spot.


  1. Excellent to see your little helpers....lending a helping hand !.......job well done ...Jayne

  2. It's all looking fantastically smart at Lane House. Glad the boys approve.

    Enjoy the rest of your week off...well of from the day job anyway :)

  3. Those boys were clearly well-trained before they arrived but...shame on you, I think they're under-age!

    Lovely to see a little bit of Yorkshire across your field!

  4. Thats a work of engineering genius - and art! Little wonder the boys look like happy bunnies. Shirley & Robbie