Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Cute Conversion and Valued Visitors

The alpacas always entertain and amuse with their cute antics, but sometimes our small human visitors can out cute them.  Easter Monday brought friends Amir and Fiona, and 6 year old Kian - who decided instantly he wanted nothing to do with the alpacas...
I'll stay this side of the railings thanks

I'd rather ride my scooter

Look at me

Katie and Edward arrive and show the way

I suppose they are OK

Quite nice really 

I like you

Big hug

Can I have one of these Dad? - conversion complete..

Today we had a surprise visit from Barbara and Paul of Beck Brow Alpacas, in Cumbria, who brought our boys here last month. Chance for a bit of a condition check, to reassure 2 nervous new owners, and chance for a bit of a reunion cuddle for 2 previous owners.

Barbara and Noah

An old friend of Fin's

Barbara checks out Kenzie's supersoft fleece.

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  1. Lovely to see you both. They boys are in fantastic condition and so content (they were certainly the cutest present yesterday!)