Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Cute Conversion and Valued Visitors

The alpacas always entertain and amuse with their cute antics, but sometimes our small human visitors can out cute them.  Easter Monday brought friends Amir and Fiona, and 6 year old Kian - who decided instantly he wanted nothing to do with the alpacas...
I'll stay this side of the railings thanks

I'd rather ride my scooter

Look at me

Katie and Edward arrive and show the way

I suppose they are OK

Quite nice really 

I like you

Big hug

Can I have one of these Dad? - conversion complete..

Today we had a surprise visit from Barbara and Paul of Beck Brow Alpacas, in Cumbria, who brought our boys here last month. Chance for a bit of a condition check, to reassure 2 nervous new owners, and chance for a bit of a reunion cuddle for 2 previous owners.

Barbara and Noah

An old friend of Fin's

Barbara checks out Kenzie's supersoft fleece.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Water Works Again

A day of water in an early drought - the final stage of the water collection system got connected today. I am hoping that this will put an end to 'Wet Beard Syndrome' suffered by Noah and Kenzie, but surprisingly not Fin.  Despite being the main man, he is really quite boyish compared to them in the beard department.

Noah sporting the fashionable 'wet beard'

Glad to report all is well with the plumbing.  Not actually seen anyone drink from it yet though. 

final stage - full automation
This was not the only water-works going on today.  After reading all the blogs we decided we, and the boys were missing out so a builders mixing try was procured.
 'Actually Bev - I prefer sparkling' says Fin

Bev encourages some water play

Noah turns out to be the water explorer - something in the name ?

Kenzie takes it easy

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Philosophy (of the Poo Pile)

I was going to write a long 'think piece' tonight.  It was going to reflect on why Kenzie is actually a lot more approachable when 'locked in' by the new shelter gate than he has been previously.  I was going to take a photo of him behind his bars and I was going to tell you all about the friend I had in college who was into philosophy and who told me about the man who fitted bars on to the inside of his home, declaring that he was the only sane person in the world and the rest of us were in an asylum.

But then something else came up.  The poo pile has been well established on the archery pitch.  Despite regular and scrupulous poo picking the boys have burned a hole through the grass.  So today we decided to move them away from the worst of it and see if we could get the grass to re-grow. 

Bev carefully constructed a cordon around the offending patch.

Hey !  What ARE you doing to OUR Poo Pile !

 Andy ! Andy !  Tell her will you ?  It just ISNT right !

Time passed, we left the boys to get used to the idea, ate tea and looked out upon this ...

Hey Fin hurry up in there ! Its my turn next says Noah

So what started as a day of high philosophical reflection, ended up with toilet humour.  But there is someone on the wrong side of the bars !

Did someone mention it was good to see a bit of Yorkshire ?  Thought I would add this.  We are very lucky to live here and have such fun with the boys.

Eeee By Gum Lad -Its like Cumbria but with Flat Caps and Jobs

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Gates! Cross it off the job list

This week Andy and I are both off work, which gives us time to tackle a few jobs on the jobs list.  On Monday we had five huge gates, and four enormous gateposts delivered, so the first job was to fit them.  As usual the boys were keen to help..

The gang reporting for duty

Where are my goggles boss?

I'll just hold this in place for you

Is it straight boss?

I'm liking it

Looking good, front gates swung back in regular operating mode

Are we done boss, when do we start the landscaping?

The gang is not phased by anything new, when it's time to settle down on the lovely concrete in the lovely shade of the shelter this is still their favourite spot.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Stop Mucking About...

Spring fever seems to be effecting everyone at the moment, great photos on all the alpaca blogs.  Here's a few of our boys in the evening sunshine..

What you doing there boss, can we help?

Lets help by chewing his back pocket off
Oops, look out guys, caught in the act

Dilema, follow the poo or pose for more photos?

Kenz and Fin, love you

Love Noah too

Love Andy lots

You looking at me?

Nah, just more kisses

Come on Noh

Have a paca cuddle
Everyone loves Noh

One for Amanda, kisses to you too

Thursday, 7 April 2011

List o' Jobs & When will the tooth fairy call ?

Once upon a time there was a couple who travelled the world capturing culture, cuisine, art and history.  A fine Cretian villa, with real roman courtyard ? - Yes, why not !  A stay in the most expensive shed in the world atop a cliff in the BVI ? - Of course ! Sail an Ocean ? - Splice me a main brace ! Drive a bus down the Rockies ? - Fill up the tank !  Mardi-Gras in the Big Easy ? We will join you crewe !

Fast forward to 2011.  A week off is booked and what are the plans ?

Gate Post Drilling ? - Load up the SDS ! Gate Fitting ? Pass the catch bolt ! Water trough plumbing ?, Better buy some grommets ! Buttercup Control ? Source me a nap-sack-sprayer ! Post and Rail ? ... you get the picture.

So why are we doing this ?

That's Why !

The lambs have arrived and the boys are fascinated.

 The gate to the next field is back to the favorite

 and anyway the gate area is just the place to be to catch the final rays of warm spring sunshine.

Fin asleep on his feet after a long day of lamb observation.

Now to the husbandry question of the day.  When does the Alpaca tooth fairy visit ?  Can Kenzie be teething ? (9 Months old)  Is that why he has taken to chewing the metal fence ? Will we find a tooth somewhere in the Paddock ? Does he need a beet or something to chew on ?

(tanks full to the brim by the way !)

Monday, 4 April 2011

The Llama man cometh

The boys have really settled down.  Of course we humans remain concerned about every little detail.  Is the poo of the right shape, consistency and volume? (yes) Is that bit of stuff in the corner of Noah's eye a matter of concern (no). Will Kenzie ever want a cuddle? (probably - but not for a while). Do they drink enough? (well they know how to use the bucket).....  I could go on but I will spare you

More visitors this weekend.  First there were the Mehras.

 Frog meets Alpaca

Nikki - Nice and Warm - Better than gloves ?

And then the Stephensons.  Anabelle really took to the boys, no worries here and the feeling was reciprocated.  Fin taking a shine and offering kisses, a treat only usually reserved for Bev.

 Annabelle and Fin - Could Fin be a Hannah Montana fan too ?

And then the Llama man commeth.  We have heard rumours of a local Llama, but never quite set eyes on it ourselves.  We were busy deciding how to cordon off the midden when a passing tractor screeched to a halt and reversed up the lane.  Much chat over the drystone wall was to be had.  Of course the boys were attentive, if a little distracted by the harrowing going on next door (one more worry to add to the list - are we delinquent in our paddock care for not harrowing?). 

It turns out that the Llama has an interesting story.  It  was walking down the road one day, decided it liked the neighbourhood and installed itself. That was 10 years ago. Though untamed it sounds like the Llama has carved a place in the hearts of the family caring for it and has earned respect as a useful farm guard.  There were tales of escapes and re-capture dramas that spurred us on to try out a spot of halter training.  OK for Fin and Noah - but we were not quite up to cornering Kenzie without the gates, but he joined us on our ramble round just the same.  Gate delivery and fitting next week.