Sunday, 20 March 2011

Welcome to Yorkshire Boys

B-Day - Boys Day has arrived.  Ready or not - Here they come ! 

The least stressed by the whole experience were the boys.  They took it all in their stride, they seem to have enjoyed the ride south and took to their halters with no grumbles.  Leading them straight into the shelter we gave them a little treat - a few peas and beans. (so few ! not even enough for a decent peas-pudding).  Then we had a few muddles each and Barbara had a few quiet words.

Kenzie and Finian shared a word (mew ?) and it was decided that, in general the most expensive shed in the world - with the best fresh water system since the Romans invented the aqueduct - was OK and should be christened by a wee. 

Then it was time to take a look at the concrete.

There is still a bit of a step up (9" at worst) - we need to do a little more landscaping - and the boys are working out how to deal with this.  The first few attempts amounted to a kind of controlled falling / tripping motion.  Later in the day this has been honed to be a 'dive and run' technique when dismounting and a cute two legged 'hop' when mounting.

And then .. An explore of the Paddock proper

First spot to try was the archery pitch, that is nice and high and maybe a god place for a poo pile (the exact plan for combining this past-time with the care of Alpaca still needs a little work !).  Then a mooch over to spy out the sheep in the next field - But best of all seems to be the area right in front of our kitchen and lounge window.  I swear that they keep an eye on us and can tell when we are at a window.

We had a lovely bit of crack with Paul and Barbara over lunch (A bottle of bubbly was felt necessary).  We have been so impressed by the caring approach that is the philosophy at Beck Brow as we have watched the boys grow up.  The right mix of animal husbandry, customer care, common sense and an obvious passion for and love of the animals.  We know it can't have been easy to put so much into raising the boys - only to let them go - Thanks Barbara & Paul !  We will take good care of them.

As we sign off, we have just nipped out to see if all is well in the Paddock - It is but alas the boys have chosen not to bed down in the shed - but right in front of the house.  Sleep well boys.


  1. I remember the excitment when ours arrrived - have a great time with them. Dave

  2. Typical isn't it? You construct a splendid home for them with a patio and what do they do? Sleep outside! 'Thats ma boys!' They look great. Take care. Shirley & Robbie