Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Water Water Everywhere ..

So the boys will want a drink.  What boys don't when they get together?
Simple eh?  Well, there is no stand pipe in the paddock so perhaps not so simple.

Solution 1 : Get Alan the digger man back again.  He already thinks we're daft, so I am sure he would come round for the entertainment and I am sure he appreciates the income.  He can dig a hole near where the water main runs though the paddock, we can intercept it, fit a stand pipe and bob is your well watered uncle.

Sounds expensive - and they are Camels right? They can go for months in the high Peruvian plains on a thimble full of dew.  Better check the facts.  Turns out, as usual, the advice is conflicting. Some say they dont need water - just the moisture in the grass is enough.  Others recommend an en-suite sprinkler.  I consult my one and only reference book.  5l a day seems a good compromise

Solution 2 : Bucket.  Looks like a nice fresh bucket of Yorkshire tap twice a day will be enough.  But a bit of a hassle, another job and never any spare for extra jobs.  Lets keep this solution as a back-up

Solution 3 : Water 'harvesting'.  Its all the rage. Its one thing we are not short of in the Pennines. But how much storage ?  Too much and the water may go a little stale.  Too little and we are back to Solution 2.  A few hours on the web yields detailed statistics on our expected rainfall.  I write a software model and factor in the area of the shelter roof, and loss by evaporation.

The answer is .. [Bev insists I add pictures to the blog]

The answer is 2 of the biggest B&Q water butts should see us through.


  1. Hello Andrew & Bev, Just been enjoying your blogs via Barbara's blog when we noticed you are 'following' us. We'll return the compliment shortly! Good luck with all your preparations. Kenzie is a lovely boy. We live quite close to Loch Ness, so if you run short of water let us know and we'll divert some for you! Take care for now. Shirley & Robbie

  2. Hi Bev & Andy, good luck with the pumping station. I know how excited you'll be preparing for your lovely little boys. There may only be 2 though... (if only I could fit Noah in to my car!!) Simply adorable & soooo cute.