Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sunny Sunday Smiles

Sunday was a lovely calm and sunny day, and we had a visit from friends Stuart and Frances, with my goddaughter Katie and her little brother Edward.  It was a great day for introductions, fears overcome and smiles all round.

Finian fascinated with the small person with alpaca hair (med fawn, good crimp)

Edward smells ok, but he's not an alpaca

Katie not too sure, but resisting the urge to retreat

Peek a boo

Gaining confidence, first touch soft and warm, not so scary.
Noah takes a look at the little strangers

Even more confident now

"Hey, where's everybody gone?" asks Fin
"Is that muddy hole in the ground really more interesting than us?" asks Noah
"No" says Kenzie "small people obviously just have the attention span of a gnat"


  1. What you need Andy is a tractor...useful for filling in muddy holes!

    Love that last photo of the boys.

  2. The boys always seem fascinated by 'wee people' don't they? They look as if they have settled in well and got used to the accents! Take care. Shirley & Robbie