Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pumping Station Update + Beet Question

I know that most visitors to the site are actually more interested in the details of the water collection system than the one or two pictures of cute kids and fluffy Alpacas !

I am very pleased to let you 'aqua-engineers' know that the model we developed that is at the heart of the system design is standing true.  Just as predicted, its been rather dry since we installed the tanks.  Not sure we have been drawing our full allocation of 15l a day but the level was dropping until last night when the smallest amount of drizzle has replenished, renewed and re-filled the tanks !  It works !

The farmer down the road has just taken delivery of a lorry load of suger-beet to feed his ewes.  I have developed an irrational desire to have away with a barrow load and prepare something fancy for the boys supper. I dont think I am about to do this , but if I were -  I hear one has to 'steep the beet' what exactly is involved with this recipe ?


  1. Hi Andrew, We feed sugar beet pellets to the boys on a daily basis during winter. The pellets should be soaked overnight and you will find that hot water reduces them to 'porridge' a lot quicker than cold water. They get about half a cupful each of pellets which mushes down to a bowlful of porridge. Hope this helps. Like the water pumping system by the way - central heating to be installed for next winter maybe?! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  2. We feed the beet "as it comes from the field"! We just chop large chunks and throw into the field morning and's alpaca dessert after Camelibra etc! We just order a trailer load for winter but there's about another months supply so they're lucky! The alpacas love it and even the cria are now enjoying it.

    We have a "pumping" system for our water...well sort heart does pump when I carry it up to the buckets!