Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ponderings on Poo Picking

According to the last edition of Alpaca Magazine the largest group of BAS members have herds of less than 5 Alpacas. (260 out of 943).  Which suggests that many owners are like ourselves, not really in the market for a mechanical poo picker. Until we win the lottery of course.

Over the last few weeks, with our boys arrival imminent, I've been trying to find out what people have found to be the best solution to manual poo picking.

The only active forum I could find is AlpacaNation, a US forum with some references to manual poo picking, but of course referring to US suppliers and brands - and no photos. 

I liked the sound of a bamboo rake that is light and gathers the "beans" and doesn't wear out like the plastic rakes.  However, I can't find said bamboo rakes in the UK, nor even the plastic version. 

There is an equestrian manure rake and scoop, like this

I think the scoop may be a good solution, no bending down with a shovel, but the rake/scraper looks as though the beans would fall through.

Then I found this rake, which adjusts to be wider or narrower, and the handle extends or retracts for short a..es like me

Any advice much appreciated, Andy is threatening me with shovel.


  1. Hi Bev & Andy, We don't have a mechanical 'poover' like many of our blog friends because we have a small herd. We use the rake and bucket paddock set shown in your top photo. The bottom part is a rake but the reverse side has a straight edge so it makes raking easy. We put that in a wheelbarrow, it goes on the compost pile and works wonders later on the veg garden. Our boys can poop for Scotland, so the wheelbarrow is a must! Good luck. Shirley & Robbie

  2. Hello, we have 6 alpacas plus 3 weanlings at the moment and we tried the equipment in your top photo but the beans fell through so we now use a garden trowel with the other part of that equipment! It does mean bending or squating and I find my left shoe cracks where my foot is constantly bent! The best is to toilet train them!! We have several females who will come over and poo in the bucket whilst I'm clearing! I think they think I'm using the poo pile so they join me!

  3. Hello, when we started we used a 'Billy Goat' which looks like a lawn mower but you use a hose like the bigger poo pickers. However, the 'Billy Goat' is considerably cheaper and you can sometimes get one on E Bay!
    Good Luck and welcome to the exciting adventure.

  4. Hi Bev, I'm a novice alpaca owner, just got two boys who have been with me for a couple of months now. So far I've been manually collecting their poo using a trowel & bucket but it's doing my back a world of no good. What did your research turn up as the best solution - no way will it be worth us investing in anything mechanical. BW Geri

  5. Hi Geri, We ended up with a equestrian bucket like the one we show later on in the blog. A long handle on a stiff plastic rake means its not too back breaking.