Wednesday, 2 March 2011

It's all about gates

This weekend has been all about gates, for the small handling and holding area in front of the shelter.  Gates.  Doesn't sound complicated.  Until you discover, as we did a couple of weeks ago, that there is a conspiracy of dour Yorkshire gate suppliers to withhold any useful information.

"We need some gates" we say
"We've got gates" they say "what gates do you want?"
"We're not sure, what kind of gates do you do?"
"We do 5 foot, 6 foot 7 foot, whatever you want"  a note of challenge discernible at this point.
"We are thinking galvanised ?" hint of sweat on the brow, and crack in the voice.
"Galvanised eh.."  long pause while gate man thinks "I saw you townies coming"

Eventually we settle on two 7 foot and two 8 foot galvanised gates.  We are relieved, ready to retreat when halted in our tracks,
"Want posts?".  A whole new chasm of withheld information opens before us, and leads us to the inevitable, gleefully proffered
"Want hardware?..."

This weekend after considerable research in catalogues and on line, having given up on local advice, Andy went to order gates, posts and hardware.  Job done.  Next job water butt.  Water butt, doesn't sound complicated...


  1. He must be a travelling salesman...I am sure that I have met him in Cumbria...If it keeps them amused who are we to spoil their fun!!

  2. I hope Barbara has mentioned that you need an absolutely gigantic shelter to start with. No doubt about it, more arrive, to complete the colour spectrum(?!). Then, if you blink you end up with ninety! True