Tuesday, 22 March 2011


It may be just that they are low on confidence in their new surroundings but our three new boys are completely inseparable.  It's very sweet and lovely to see them grazing a strip of grass all in row, like conjoined triplets.  Most of the time you couldn't get a cigarette paper between Fin and Noah, they like to touch noses, kiss ears and hang on each others necks, my favourite image of Noah ..
Pushmepullyou - Fin and Noah

Fin and Noah are already very friendly with us, Kenzie is more wary, but he seems willing to give us chance to earn his trust.  Andy thinks he's a deep thinker and philosopher, and proposes to get him a Kindle.  I said don't be silly, where would he charge it up, he'd have to manage with a shelf of books.

Beautiful Kenzie - Patience Please

The boys are beginning to have favourite spots in the paddock, although strangely they haven't explored the whole site yet.  They haven't explored the bottom 1/3 at all (low lying and nearest the lane and occasional passing cars and horse riders), and they won't go within 10 feet of the stone perimeter walls, although they probably could see over the top of them if they tried.

Favourite spots include- right in front of the house where they can see us through the windows, right in front of the gate to the neighbouring field where there are sheep, and on top of the buried septic tank, can't see the attraction myself.  The concrete platform in front of the shelter is the absolute favourite.  At the first three locations they all sit defensively facing different directions, but yesterday afternoon they were sat on the concrete for 3 hours side by side looking out on their new world like three noble guardians. 

Alpacas at dawn waiting for breakfast


  1. An ipad might do the trick (long battery life)!... my bet is that Kenzie might just be the most loyal in the end...I will watch with interest!

  2. It's fascinating watching their behaviour, and learning their characteristics, and a nice reminder of when we first got ours.