Saturday, 12 March 2011

The futures bright .. with promising density (apparently)

We should have spent the day putting the finishing touches to shelter and field.  But we skived off down south to cheer on Explorer and see what knowledge we could divine by rubbing shoulders with the elite crowd at something called the 'futurity' - A gathering of the Alpaca 'A' crowd setting out their wares.

Explorer and Paul stand ready to Enter the ring

Conclusions :  (1) He waz robbed ! (2) Its a game of more than one half (3) Bev is too short of leg for a standard poo scoop and apparently needs one custom made (4) Coventry is a long way from Yorkshire when there are shed partitions to build (5) Alpaca people are a lovely crowd (6) I don't think it too healthy to to have issues about testicular size (6) Our shelter is big enough for at least another 8 alpacas before they get cramped (7) Maybe, just maybe, a little brown boy would complete the set ?

The count down to B-Day begins.  Serious list attention tomorrow.  They will be here next week !


  1. Good luck with your new arrivals, when they arrive - you'll love them to bits. Shirley & Robbie

  2. Thanks for the support guys...and the conclusions..."at another show on another day" (you missed that one)!!