Sunday, 27 February 2011

Our Little Alpaca Blog - how it all began

If I remember correctly the day we found the house of our dreams (or at least the first house we were both agreed on) was the very same day we decided to adopt some Alpacas.

That was 18 months ago, and yesterday the field shelter was built in the paddock of the new house, in anticipation of our 3 alpaca boy crias arriving at the end of March.
 Laying concrete in the fog, look out below concrete fountain on the right.

Supervising progress

Lord of all he surveys
Last Winter despite the chaos and hard work of having just moved house alpaca research was a high priority (anything to avoid unpacking more boxes). The greatest reward of this research was meeting Barbara and Paul Hetherington of Beck Brow Alpacas in Cumbria.

We had decided on 3 boys, not too many for our land, and not too few for a happy little herd. Last year Barbara had 3 lovely boys for sale, but we were too slow, and in hindsight not anywhere near ready. So Barbara and Paul very kindly agreed to us "advance booking" any boys born last summer, and getting some hands on experience as they were born and grew and eventually became ours.
This great and generous arrangement meant that we saw each boy cria from a few days and weeks old, and got to know them, and gain confidence that we could look after them. We also got to know Barbara and Paul well, a great added bonus as it turns out.

So a lot to tell about our last year as alpaca fanatics, about our crias' first year, and a lot to tell no doubt in the year ahead. We hope readers will enjoy this blog..

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Hurry Hurry .. The shed's nearly ready !